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NeuroCafe Co-founded by brothers James and David O'Hara to help people cut through the confusion of the health and fitness products.

Being a serving Firefighter and having competed in martial arts, I have always been interested in health and performance. As Nootropics became more mainstream I began to research them looking for anything to give me an edge during night shifts and demanding days.
As with the health and fitness industry, I soon discovered there is an ocean of poor products and conflicting information regarding Nootropics. After having to order from multiple sites only to receive low quality products or be let down completely, I set out to create a place that people could trust to find and stock only the highest quality products.
At NeuroCafe we strive to keep up to date with current research and developments in health and performance, stock the highest quality brands and pass on the information we acquire so you can take ownership and control of your health and personal development.
- James O'Hara

I am fascinated with the brain and how it creates the reality we experience everyday. I studied as a consumer psychologist and am hoping to help people find their edge, whether that be through diet, study, exercise, meditation. - David O'Hara