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Key Benefits

  • Supports a healthy digestive system
  • Maximises uptake of nutrients
  • Helps to soothe irritable bowels
  • Regulates excess stomach acid

90 caps - 6 strains of probiotics - prebiotic fibre - supports healthy bacteria - natural herbs support the digestive and immune systems.

Probiotic blend 6 strains 10 billion CFU
Slippery Elm
BioCore optimum complete

What is this?
Gut Health + is a cleverly designed digestive support supplement. It contains a synergistic mix of probiotic bacteria, prebiotic fibre and natural herbs. This combination helps to maintain healthy and efficient digestion, allowing maximum uptake of nutrients and supporting the immune system.

A unique blend of 6 beneficial probiotic bacteria has been chosen with a minimum of 10 billion CFU (colony forming units).

Fructooligosaccharides are a natural source of fibre that have been added for their prebiotic effects, helping to support the probiotics cointend in Gut Health + and the beneficial bacteria already in the gut.

Trikatu is a classic Ayurvedic blend of Ginger, long pepper and black pepper. These warming herbs help to stimulate the digestive system and reduce bloating.

Slippery Elm is a tree that has been traditionally used in medicine to treat everything from sore throats to skin conditions. Its inner bark contains compounds that assist the digestive tract with mucus secretion. This secretion allows food to pass smoothly through the digestive system, allowing for efficient absorption of nutrients.

PNI Supplements have chosen only substances backed by research and avoided potentially harmful pharmaceuticals.

Suggested use
Take 2-4 capsules daily with food.